Cooking Class

Ever wish you could take a cooking class at your favourite restaurant? Enter Rob or Craig's kitchen now and learn from the best!

Brent's Pasta Cutting

Pasta cutting is a serious business and Brent shows you how the pros at Campagnolo do it.

Brent's Pasta Dough

Brent Leitch takes you step by step through the making of the pasta dough used in Campagnolo's delicious pasta dishes.

Brent's Seasoning Salt

Brent takes you through the different types of salt used in cooking at the restaurant.

Craig’s Chopping Tip

Chopping food properly is a key to good cooking and Craig shares an important tip here.

Craig’s Potato Gnocchi Pasta

Craig Harding shows you how to make a wonderful potato gnocchi pasta, one of his Nonna's favorites.

Craig’s Zucchini Blossoms

Learn to make this classic Italian dish as Craig puts his own spin on it.

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