Our Guests

Tuscany Peter Sanagan

Peter was a great chef who changed gears a few years ago and opened Sanagan's Meat Locker, a cool butcher shop featuring the best meat from local farms.  Peter supplies some of the top restaurants in Toronto including Craig's Campagnolo. He has since moved to a massive new space in Kensington Market (176 Baldwin St, Toronto) that may well be the best butcher shop in the city.  

Tuscany Mark Coster

Mark is an expert on wines and is a very busy wine rep for Noble Estates supplying great restaurants across the city.  He worked closely with Craig and Rob on their wine lists when they were opening restaurants. 

Tuscany Claire Burns

Clare is an actress and playwright who has long found inspiration for her work in food. The Chef's Bar is the perfect perch for her to do research while enjoying the best in Italian cuisine. 

Southern Italy David Minicucci

David owns L'Unita restaurant (134 Avenue Road, Toronto) serving exceptional Italian food and wine.  It's a place where you can sample delicious handmande pasta, thin crust pizzas, grilled meats, fish and the best cannoli in town.  

Southern Italy GP Testa

GP's family comes the deep south of Italy and his roots have given him exceptional knowledge about food and wine. That has led to a career working front of the house in some of the best new restaurants in Toronto. 

Southern Italy Carmen Araiza

Carmen is a beautiful Mexican actress and producer who has worked on projects all over the world. She has a passion for food and after living in Italy for some time, the cuisine became her favourite by far. 

Northern Italy Chef Nick auf der Mauer

Chef Nick auf der Mauer also cooked alongside Grant, Craig and Rob at Canoe Restaurant when they were young cooks.  A couple years ago Nick opened a tiny sandwich shop called Porchetta & Co. (825 Dundas St West, Toronto) serving his take on the porchetta sandwich and it has become a huge hit.  It's truly an experience eating his porchetta and the success is leading to a large new resto alongside Pizza Libretto opening on King West in 2014.  He bring one of his porchettas to showcase and eat of course.

Northern Italy Tony Cohen

Tony Cohen has been in the restaurant game for a long time and knows what's up.  He supplies Campagnolo with its exceptional burrata and works with tons of amazing products and he's pumped to sit at the bar and sample the goods.

Northern Italy Adrienne Clark

Adrienne Clark is a very talented young actress who grew up in a big family where cooking was very frequent.  She is cooking more and more at home and is looking forward to getting some tips.

Rome Grant Van Gameren

Chef Grant Van Gameren's incredible Bar Isabel (797 College St, Toronto) was just named the best new restaurant in Canada by enRoute Magazine.  He cooked alongside Craig and Rob back in the day at Canoe and today he stops by to say hello and eat a Roman feast.

Rome Ben Cook

Ben Cook is serious rocker who has traveled the world many times with his band F*cked Up and recently launched his new project Yacht Club.  He loves checking out new restaurants on the road with one of his best meals at a truck stop in Italy.

Rome Siena DeCampo

Siena has long had a deep connection to food as her father, Paul DeCampo, was heavily involved in the Slow Food movement.  She loves to cook fresh pasta at home and loves to rock in her band Actual Water.

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